Three Better Time Management Tips for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprise have a way of taking up all your time and energy to move it forward. That’s why good small business front-runners are always on the search for effective time-saving tactics. Recognizing simple, steadfast ways to save time can have huge paybacks.

Given below are a few hands-on, affordable ways to do things in a competent way and free up extra stint as you run your small business.

Try the “Pomodoro Technique”

Developed by Francesco Cirilo in the late ‘80s, the Pomodoro Technique involves setting a clock for 25 minutes and focusing on a single job until the alarm goes off. Then, 5 minutes is taken as a pause period before devoting 25 minutes to the next task. The Pomodoro technique is great if you have trouble concentrating, organizing your time, or if you want to make sure you’re dedicating a certain amount of time to a single job (say, 5 “Pomodoro’s” per week on advertising).

Decreasing Distractions.

Distractions at work can easily cause any one to give up on his or her daily plan. In business, every dealer, buyer and employee usually wants to talk to the boss, so it's major to control your work atmosphere, limit access and avoid personal interruptions like reading emails and answering the phone. Regaining your concentration after an interval wastes a significant amount of time. Build a wall against distractions by bolting your door and disabling your cell phone. The more you can focus on your tasks, the faster you'll get thru with them.

Keep Better Records

Most small businesses have to keep track of plenty of records, from visitor management to attendance management to knowing the car parking details.

If you’re still using paper registers, your staff is possibly wasting time trying to find the documents or data they require to get their work done.

Paper accounts can easily get damaged, misplaced or even ruined. But records stored digitally can be backed up easily and traced in a few moments.

Plus, if you adopt a system that allows your users such as employees, and visitors to enter their data directly into a computer system (instead of digitizing paper records, for example), there’s less scope for a mistake due to confusion, illegibility, or other mistakes.

Not only will keeping better registers save time by helping you find what you need more speedily, it may deliver treasured insights in the form of reports. Having correct documents on hand can also square big time if they’re ever required for lawsuits or other legal issues.

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