Why SMS?

SMS (Smart Multi-Purpose Solutions) is complete security solution built based on existing problems organisations and security companies routinely face. It’s a centralized, integrated and robust solution. SMS uses cutting edge technology that enhances the standards of the security procedures & protocol, most importantly creates a channel of a strong communications between administrators and field users, reduces administrative tasks by eliminating time-consuming and lack of consistency in manual procedures, SMS has contributed to clean environment, SMS can be setup and fully operational within an hour, adding to that SMS will continue to develop.
  • One-time payment lifetime support
  • Multi-Solution Platform
  • Multi-language
  • Developed based on knowledge and existing security problems
  • Ensures the correct procedures followed
  • Logical processing
  • Designed to ask right question
  • Manages occupancy
  • Robust security verification for lost items claimed
  • Authenticate individuals before releasing any facility keys
  • Accurate third party contractors attendance information
  • Counts for every vehicles enters your car-park
  • Quickest way to reach a person of interest
  • Most efficient way of group communication
  • Unlimited hardware integration ability
  • Prevent operator or user error
  • Enhance the search & rescue for those with a special needs or underage in an event of emergency evacuation
  • Crime deterrent
  • Cannot Be Manipulated
  • Provide accurate record
  • Connect organizations & communities
  • Remotely accessible
  • Faster processing time
  • Data secured
  • Accountability
  • No training required
  • Cost Efficient
  • Efficiency and Consistency
  • Ensure full compliance
  • Better standard
  • User Friendly
  • Environment friendly
SMS incorporates innovative and unprecedented technology into the system's functions. Effectiveness, efficiency, and regulation are maximized through the use of biometrics and touch compatibility. With numerous applications, report features, and technological features, SMS covers the needs of all security organizations and government entities.

At SMS by KeyTech Ltd, we believe that security and facility management should be a straightforward and uncomplicated process. It should deliver efficiency, accountability, and consistency. SMS by KeyTech promises to not only revolutionize current security and facility procedures but also establishes a new standard within the industry. The value provided by our services and solutions will allow you to compete at unrivalled levels.

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