How to ‘Go Green’ being a Small Business

A latest study found that businesses could save up to $12tn by 2030 by pursuing ecological, low-carbon corporate models. Financiers, too, are taking note, as low-carbon portfolios and green bonds are progressively seen as smart investments.

In 2016, 190 of the Fortune 500 companies together saved close to $3.7bn through their collective renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives.

It is no longer a big news to hear of big companies such as Google or Apple “going green” — both, for instance, have openly and proudly spent in renewable energy initiatives. Both have committed to using 100 per cent renewable energy by the end of this decade with Google on track to do so by this year, and Apple by 2020.

Not that all business can start that big on saving energy and utilizing renewable energy sources. But you can always start small and grow your way up.

A few tips on how to ‘go green’ are given below:

Replacing regular lighting system in the offices with the energy-efficient LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs can last around 20 years and use amazingly less energy to work.

Where ever possible try using renewable sources of energy to fuel the machines in your office, the most readily available is the solar energy that can be harnessed by installing solar panel. The process is affordable and gives great results.

Go all paperless for all your facility management system. Be it registering your visitors or keeping a track of your occupants, registering keys of your hotel room or as simple as generating parking passes. You can go green, save a lot of paper by automating the whole system.

One of the best software that helps businesses with this concern is SMS by KeyTech.

Covering 8 major solutions of facility management, SMS can be used to keep an error free track of visitors, manage occupants track the lost items, register keys, manage both in-house and third party employee attendance, automate the the parking system, keep a track of people who you want or don’t want in your premises, and broadcast messages to different business locations and communities. All this in a paperless, fast and efficient way. To know more about these solutions click here

Automated facility management will no doubt help your business in going green, it also has many other benefits for businesses. It makes sure everything is as error free as can be. The details are saved centrally thus making sure the data is not damaged, and with SMS by keyTech you can take that data safely with you as it’s saved on the cloud. Also all the facility management solutions don’t let anyone jump the required info, if you need to save an entity you need to provide all the required documents, thus making it a legit entry.