5 Ways Video Surveillance Can Benefit Your Facility

Today’s video surveillance systems are more able, fitting and adept than ever before. With high-resolution recording, motion detection, facial recognition and license plate capture, cameras provide assurance and peace of mind. Security cameras also provide many benefits to facilities, including occupant protection, safeguarding of assets and deterrence of criminal activity.

Listed are five ways you can safeguard your facility with video surveillance:


Modern surveillance systems have the ability to record both high-quality video and clear audio. Detailed recordings can benefit a facility, especially when faced with an investigation or legal case. If criminal activity or any suspicious activity occurs on facility grounds, cameras can aid in recognizing the offender. Authorities are then able to examine video recordings for evidence, which can support your facility in court. Armed with video evidence, facility managers can protect their facilities from potential liability.


Internet Protocol (IP) cameras let users to store recorded footage digitally on a hard drive, network server or network video recorder (NVR). Digitally-stored recording is convenient; it allows facility managers and security personnel to search through past copy quickly and easily. Past footage can confirm what occurred on a specific day, at a specific time. When faced with questions regarding an incident, facility managers can make use of video records to prove what truly followed on a specific day.


Real-time, remote video monitoring can be extremely useful to a facility. From any location, security personnel can use cameras to continuously monitor facility grounds. To add, today’s security systems are more advanced than ever. Approved individuals can monitor footage via smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. Real-time camera footage protects establishments by providing up-to-date details on activities occurring in a facility.


The goal of psychological restraint is to convince potential criminals that their goals will be unsuccessful due to security defenses. Security cameras are just one way to psychologically deter criminals from committing crimes. If criminals know they are being recorded, they may be less likely to commit a crime. Prominently located cameras and “Cameras in Use” signage can effectively dissuade individuals from committing burglaries, break-ins, vandalism or even terrorist attacks.


At the outset, purchasing video cameras can look overpriced. But surveillance systems have a large return on investment in the long run. For example, you can work with less number of full-time security officers around, as you have eyes for each key area of your facility by using security cameras. In addition, security cameras can save your facility money by aiding in loss prevention and asset shield. For facility managers, video surveillance systems have real benefits. Security cameras not only reduce theft and loss, but also offer a variety of other unique and unexpected advantages. Get the most out of your facility’s video surveillance by installing SMS by KeyTech. There are numerous advantages of using SMS by KeyTech along with your Security devices. It helps you save time, secure the facility and keep track of everything going around. It also saves the data centrally making it accessible to you whenever you want and where ever you want. These are a few advantages that can give you the edge you need to boost safety, security and productivity in your facility.